MAKER MAGAZINE was conceived and developed by Mona Penn-Jousset and brought to life by Anissa and Orlando Jousset. 

Mona is an African-American curator, creatives agent, business development coach and podcaster living in Amsterdam. 

Photo credit: Coco Olakunle  Makeup: Shelley Lashley

Photo credit: Coco Olakunle

Makeup: Shelley Lashley

MAKER MAGAZINE places itself at the intersection of the past and the present. It is a magazine for those who wish to underline the beauty in handcrafted, contemporary lifestyles and lifestyle elements.

MAKER MAGAZINE offers a space that highlights the talent and value of uncommon people creating unquestionably well-made objects and carving out interesting lives.


Makers are people who create; whether fashion, music, film, literature, an interesting lifestyle or anything else: If you make it, we will come.


MAKER MAGAZINE cultivates a conscious core with a global mindset. Built on the will to reconnect people with their humanity, MAKER MAGAZINE seeks to take its readers back to the origins of craftsmanship, and explore the aesthetics of creation.

MAKER MAGAZINE is focused on diffusing creative, thoughtful, positive energy and the appreciative, grateful feeling that accompanies recognition of true craftsmanship.


MAKER MAGAZINE is a digital magazine constructed of photographic essays, video portraits and interactive conversations with a selection of makers at work.

MAKER MAGAZINE is for you.

MAKER MAGAZINE seeks to be the standard in the exploration of a truly global portrait of craftsmanship. In this spirit, through MAKER MAGAZINE Episode1, NOIRE ABSOLUE, I intend to create a space in which to highlight the resiliency, art, culture, and entrepreneurship of people throughout the African Diaspora.

I believe the interviewees in this premier issue are representative of the unquestionable elegance, innovation, chic and cool which are native to all African cultures.

Although the interviewees in this issue all have African origins, they have grown up in many parts of the world and thus bring a global perspective to their craft.

Beyond their common biological roots, the overarching trait these individuals possess is an extreme attention to detail, an eye for excellence, and the insistence on making the highest quality art and developing the most innovative businesses possible.

I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the interviewees for their courage and support in being interviewed for the debut episode of MAKER MAGAZINE.

As the 21st century unfurls and the internet continues to offer the world unlimited collaborative opportunities to create and share ideas, this is my contribution to the dialogue. Welcome to MAKER MAGAZINE, Episode1, NOIRE ABSOLUE.

Mona Penn-Jousset, Editor in chief


Throughout the years, Mona has worked for international organizations as an ESL coach and has successfully launched her own businesses (interior design, executive coaching, IBMS instructor (International Business and Management Studies).

She studied Theater and Film at Hunter College in New York and is completing her MA in English Literature in a Visual Culture at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam.

She has always had a keen eye for fine art and antiques or for detecting talent in emerging artists. 

She has decided to combine her professional experience and her passion into her newest venture: MAKER

Mona speaks fluent French and has lived and worked in France and the Netherlands for the past 12 years. 

Her latest passion is learning Dutch to better express the love she has for the Netherlands and Amsterdam.


MAKER would like to thank the following individuals for their invaluable assistance in bringing MAKER to life. 

Website essentials: 
Steph Zangeneh Azam | Mighty Within
branding + websites + photography
“for women who make and do cool things”  


Podcast production: 
Nick Khoury of Amsterdam International Radio (Air-FM) 

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