Photo credit: Dana Scruggs

Photo credit: Dana Scruggs

A MAKER PODCAST exclusive interview with former banker, book publisher, and co-owner of a highly-curated Amsterdam book boutique, Gunifort Uwambaga.

"The reason for everything in my life is my mom."

On October 17th, 2017, my life in the Netherlands changed. On that day, I had a mind shift inspired by a podcast interview I did with a profoundly graceful young man. 

In this next podcast, I will introduce you to 26-year old Gunifort Uwambaga. Gunifort is many things, wears many hats, and is what the great American bard, Walt Whitman, would call a man who “contains multitudes.” 

Young, elegant and articulate, Uwambaga is a refugee of the 1994 Rwandan Genocide. He is also one of three co-owners of the beautiful and highly curated MENDO book store in Amsterdam. 

Beyond this, there is also the more impressive fact that he is responsible for the publishing department at MENDO. A former banker, he has obtained a bachelors degree in International Business Administration and a masters degree in Information and Knowledge Management, both from the the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. 

As far as I know, Gunifort is the only book publisher of African descent in the Netherlands. 

MENDO is an extraordinary bookstore. MENDO is a jewelry box of inspiration for the book connoisseur and a pilgrimage for the bibliophile. I strongly advise anyone who is passionate about books to visit MENDO when in Amsterdam. 

MENDO - a candy store for book aficionados