A MAKER PODCAST exclusive interview with lawyer, diplomat, business woman and contemporary African art gallery owner, Marème Malong

Un entretien exclusif MAKER avec Marème Malong, juriste, diplomate, femme d'affaires et galeriste d'art contemporain africain

"Wherever you are, whatever the subject, if it does not spark your emotion; drop it." 


"Partout où il n'y a pas d'émotion, tu laisses tomber." 


Marème Malong was born in the South of France to a Senegalese father and a French mother. 

With a J.D. degree obtained in France and an MBA obtained in England, Marème was not on the path to playing a prominent role in the world of fine art. 

She moved to Cameroon, her husband’s native country, and, for seventeen years, acted as marketing director for Brasseries du Cameroun, a subsidiary of the French drink group, Castel. 

In 1998, with the skills she had acquired at Brasseries du Cameroun, she created her own marketing firm, MW Marketing Services, which was active in five African countries. 

In 2014, she decided to fully devote herself to social causes and nonprofits. 

Amongst her non profit initiatives is the organically certified farm, MARHA, the start-up incubator, Jokkolabs Douala, the cultural association, Lire à Douala, and the subject of our podcast, la Galerie MAM, which Marème founded 22 years ago. 

The goal of Galerie MAM is to promote contemporary African creativity in all its forms of expression. 

Did we mention that Mrs. Malong is also honorary Consul of Senegal based in Douala, Cameroon? Well… add that to the list.



Née dans le sud de la France d’un père sénégalais et d’une mère française, Marème Malong ne se prédestinait certainement pas à évoluer dans le domaine de l’art. 

Titulaire d’un DESS en Droit obtenu en France, elle décide de poursuivre ses études en Angleterre où elle décroche un MBA. 

Elle s’installe par la suite au Cameroun, pays d’origine de son époux, où elle travaille pour les Brasseries du Cameroun pendant 17 ans. 

Elle quittera son poste de Directrice Marketing pour lancer une agence de communication qu’elle développera dans 5 pays d’Afrique. 

En 2014, elle cède son groupe et se consacre pleinement au développement d’associations et d’initiatives sociales. 

Parmi celles-ci nous pouvons citer les plantations certifiées Bio MARHA, l’incubateur de start-up Jokkolabs Douala, l’association culturelle « Lire à Douala » et la Galerie MAM fondée il y a 22 ans, qui a pour but de promouvoir la création contemporaine africaine sous toutes ses formes d’expression.

MAKER would like to thank Mohamed A. Cissé for providing Maremè's biography in French.


Marème Malong
Podcast Transcript

From November 8-11th, 2017 Paris was privileged to host AKAA, (Also Known As Africa) Art and Design Fair ( 

MAKER was honored to attend AKAA as the guest of Cameroonian contemporary art gallery, Galerie MAM. 

Lucky for me, I had the opportunity to sit down with the founder/director of Galerie MAM, Marème Malong. 

For now, please enjoy listening to the podcast of our conversation. In the next few days, I will post a transcript of our conversation in English.

Learn more about Marème Malong and the institutions she mentioned in the podcast.

Sidenote/Special Thanks:  

In 2010, while living in France and teaching at Rouen Business School, now called NEOMA, I had the privilege of instructing a young Senegalese man by the name of Mohamed A. Cissé. 

I call Mohamed by his middle name, which is Amine. Amine is one of the finest students I have ever had the honor to teach. 

Elegant, intelligent, articulate and polite, Amine has become a brother to me. 

In November 2017, at AKAA, Paris, he introduced me to his aunt, Marème Malong. 

Amine is poised to take over the reigns of Galerie MAM and I am sure he will usher it into the next two decades with all the grace and style he has inherited from his culture and his aunt. 

At a later date, MAKER will interview Amine.  

Until then,

Thank you, brother.