A MAKER PODCAST exclusive interview with Dutch Curaçaoan photographer, Richard Terborg

"It's your own mind that's holding you back"

Conceptual Fashion, Portrait and Fine-Art Photographer, media designer and multimedia engineer - Richard Terborg is a refined Jack of all trades.

Indeed, he is a skillful photographer, but he is also adept at coordinating photography workshops and is a catalyst for many projects here in the Netherlands.

Richard is an excellent conversationalist, has an infectious, energetic zest for life, and, as you will hear in this podcast, he is remarkably quick-witted. I sat down with Richard in June of 2017 and talked about his multiple early retirements, working for your dreams, what to do when people don’t believe in you, and, of course, the art of photography. His favorite expression is some version of “stop talking and start doing.”

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Photo Credits: Richard Terborg

Photo Credits: Richard Terborg

Richard is one of the most intelligent and multitalented individuals I have ever met. Plus, he is incredibly funny, which made this interview a joyful inspiration. 

Meet my favorite quirky photographer, Richard Terborg.

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MAKER MAGAZINE is proud to present Richard Terborg as part of our 2019 Amsterdam exhibit, NOIRE ABSOLUE, which will be a group exhibition featuring the work of emerging contemporary photographers of the African Diaspora.